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An ex-Google engineer with a passion for cooking created the first and only mathematically optimal measuring cup — and that means better results for every recipe.
Euclid with milk pouring
Euclid next to flowers
Euclid pouring into stock pot

Better accuracy.

Euclid’s patented shape makes it the first and only measuring cup to measure small and large amounts with equal accuracy. That’s something no traditional or conical measuring cup can do.
1 Cup 6% 3/4 6% 1/2 6% 1/4 6% Error
Traditional Measuring Cup 1 Cup 6% 3/4 8% 1/2 11% 1/4 20% Error
* error if you overshoot the line by 3mm
Euclid pouring wine
Euclid with oil pouring

Better results.

Recipes are all about ratios, so consistency matters. Euclid’s accuracy across any amount benefits all kinds of cooks, whether you’re a super-careful measurer or your style is pour-and-go.

Innovative shape.

Euclid’s secret is in its patented shape. By maintaining the same ratio of surface area to volume at each measurement line, it keeps accuracy consistent across amounts.
Euclid front view Euclid top 3/4 view Euclid side view
Traditional cup 3d outline at 1 cup Traditional cup 3d outline at 3/4 cup Traditional cup 3d outline at 1/2 cup Traditional cup 3d outline at 1/4 cup
Surface area
Traditional Measuring Cups
… have a surface area that grows relative to the volume, causing inconsistency across measurements.
Euclid 3d outline at 1 cup Euclid 3d outline at 3/4 cup Euclid 3d outline at 1/2 cup Euclid 3d outline at 1/4 cup
Surface area
Euclid logo
… maintains consistency with a unique shape, keeping the surface area and volume in constant proportion.
Euclid equation
Euclid's equation
… printed on the cup embodies our mathematical essence: a constant ratio of surface area to volume.

Thoughtful design.

Euclid is made in the USA of BPA-free Tritan plastic. It is durable, dishwasher safe and kid-friendly with its comfortable grip and easy-pour spout. Euclid measures up to 1 cup, 8 fluid ounces or 250 milliliters.
Dimensions: 3.8”L X 4.2”W X 5.3”H
Hand holding Euclid
Euclid next to flowers
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